Authenticate Your Dr.Numb® Product

Shinpharma Inc. has most recently adopted a newest and proprietary mobile scanning technology via Mobile application, also known as HiddenTag®, in order to fight against counterfeits being circulated on the net such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao, and local physical stores.


For further information related to the counterfeit products and its risks involved, please visit this page.

So what does it mean, authenticate your Dr.Numb®?

As of July 1st, 2017, all of the products, that are lab-tested and released to the market which follow the guidelines of Health Canada Approved, and FDA registered, whether you have received it from USA, Canada, Netherland, United Kingdom, South Korea, or Philippines, will have a hologram stickered on the lid of your Dr.Numb® product carton which was designed to be scanned through your mobile phone.

We highly recommened checking the authenticity of your Dr.numb numbing cream before your next tattoo or procedure

Dr. Numb® Topical Lidocaine Cream is the most trusted brand for topical pain relief by worldwide client base. It is specifically formulated to temporarily relieve pain, discomfort, and itching due to minor burns, sunburn, minor cuts, abrasions, insect bites and minor skin irritations. The formula has gone through series of stability and quality tests to ensure consistency in every product.